The House, the Back!

I spent the weekend ahead of this book release super excited to see WITHOUT WORDS out in the world. It's been getting great reviews, and it really is super exciting to be behind the scenes, letting my little book take the stage! 

But there were MUCH more glamorous things happening around here this weekend... no, I don't mean champagne-fueled release parties or limo rides and dinners to celebrate (though I wouldn't mind any of that. Ahem... Mr. Stewart??) 

Instead, I drove our tractor around the yard hauling mulch here and there, shoveling it from a huge pile on the driveway and making circles under all our trees. The kids took turns "helping" and after two long days of shoveling and hauling, it got done. 

I also trimmed bushes with our electric trimmer. That's pretty exciting right there, no? The highlight of that was managing to cut THROUGH the extension cord. (I wondered what all the sparks were about...) I didn't cut clean through, and with some electrical tape, all was fine. :) 

I told you it was an exciting weekend... In truth, the hubs and I did manage to spend Friday afternoon together without the wildlings around. There's a little winery nearby on the water, so we hung out there and enjoyed the sunshine... 

I hope you had a great weekend -- Happy Monday!

Get a FREE prequel to Without Words

I've got a special treat for anyone who pre-orders Without Words or buys it in the first week of publication -- a FREE prequel short story. 

In Without Words, Rob (our tortured hero -- a hot ex-firefighter), has a dog named Sampson. The dog is intuitive and smart, and picks up the slack for Rob in some ways, since Rob has a tough time communicating. Sampson is his sidekick and best friend...and he kind of steals the story in some spots. 

So I wrote the story of how Rob and Sampson came to be together, and you can get it free! Check here for details. 

Pre-order Without Words: PRE-ORDER : Entangled | Amazon | Barnes & NobleiBooks | Kobo

May 2017 News

Welcome to the May edition of the

Delancey Stewart monthly newsletter!

Okay... it's the first edition, really.
But you have to start somewhere! And May is a great month to begin. 

Each month I'll bring you four fun things -- things to read, to win, to talk about or to learn. 

1. My New Look
Look up top! I have a new logo designed by the talented and sweet Nasha Lama -- I love it!

2. My New Book and a Special Offer for Early Readers
This is a release month, so there's lots going on around my newest book, WITHOUT WORDS, coming out May 22nd. If you haven't added it on Goodreads, you can do it now, and I've got a really amazing fun giveaway for loyal readers. 

If you order WITHOUT WORDS any time between now and May 30, I'll send you a prequel story featuring two of the most popular characters in the book--Rob DeRosa and his dog, Sampson. It's a different kind of love story, but no less emotional than the novel itself and it sets up the story perfectly. Just submit your proof of pre-order or purchase here on or before June 1!

3. Out in the Yard
Summer's almost here, and at my house that means lots of time spent outdoors tending the yard and garden (whether we like it or not!) The good news is that I do like it (mostly) and I get a crazy little kick when things I've planted grow and bloom. 


So far, my roses and hostas are going nuts, and my hydrangeas are leafing out. My goal in life is seriously to have huge beautiful hydrangeas going nuts by the front door. Sadly, I've been utterly useless in the art of hydrangea growing. But it is a new year! And things look good so far! I'm also about to put in all the tomatoes... I used to grow all kinds of things, but after being nearly buried under squash that my family wouldn't eat, I decided to stick to tomatoes and basil. Which sometimes results in a lot of tomatoes, but luckily, I have a great tomato salad recipe I love!

Tomato, Red Onion and White Bean Summer Salad

2 cups cut up grape, cherry, or big tomatoes
1/2 red onion, diced
1 can of white cannelini or Great Northern beans, drained
2 T Olive oil
2 T red wine vinegar
salt and pepper to taste, along with herbs of your choice

Mix it all together in a pretty bowl and let it sit -- mix up well once again before serving!

4. Leaving the Guard (I couldn't resist the rhyme....sorry)
The hubs retired from the USMC this week after 21 years of service. It was a big deal for him, and for my family.

Here are a couple pictures -- one of the hubs when we first met (so hot!) and one from the retirement party...

 And now he's planning on spending a month hanging around the house...promising not to get in the way. :) This means he'll likely have more free time during which to comment on my attire. (If you haven't read the hubs's awesome commentary on my daily attire, check it out below...)

Things are Heating Up!

2016 was a quiet year for me... but not because I was taking a break. I was working on TWO great books for you, both releasing in 2017...and there are more planned after that! 

I've already introduced you to Mr. Big... And now it's time to talk about Without Words, which actually comes out first--in May. I can't show you the awesome cover yet, but I can tell you a little bit about it:

It's a story about a man who thinks he's lost everything--including his understanding of himself, and his place in the world. To say he's got a hard road ahead would be putting it mildly. He's an ex-firefighter, injured in the line of duty and struggling to make sense of a world that doesn't seem anything like the one he knew before... 

And it's a story about a bright and energetic girl with everything in front of her, a girl who shines like the sun and sees brilliance even in the darkest shadows. Her past isn't pretty, but the little wine and book shop she's about to open in San Diego's Ocean Beach will be everything she wants for her future. 

I can't tell you anything else yet... but here's a little teaser! If you want to make sure to hear when this one comes out, sign up for my newsletter in the bar at the right!