MEN and MARTINIS is the first book in the Girlfriends of Gotham series. Now free at all retailers!

It’s 1998…and New York City just might not be prepared for the Girlfriends of Gotham... 

Natalie Pepper knows almost nothing about New York City, except that it’s far, far away from her home in California. When she packs up everything she owns and moves there on a whim, luck is on her side. She stumbles into a promising marketing job in the developing Internet industry and finds herself surrounded by poised and polished men who are nothing like the guys she knew back home. 

One guy stands out from the rest… CJ: All-American hunk and genuine good guy. But they work together, and giving in to their mutual attraction could put Natalie’s sparkly new world at risk, so she resolves to look, but not to touch. 

Natalie’s new friend Candace Kanie has no such concerns. From the barroom to the boardroom, she’s used to getting exactly what she wants, and her no-crap attitude ensures that nothing gets in her way. But when she meets Damon, the notorious playboy at Natalie’s company, she finds that her take-no-prisoners style might not be as effective in the romantic realm. 

Frustrated and often irrational, Candace pushes for what she wants until something’s gotta give. And when it does, she realizes that the one thing she might not do better than anyone else is change. 

The first book about the loves, lives, and laughter of a group of friends finding their way in the city is a laugh-out-loud romantic comedy full of Men and Martinis!

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HIGHBALLS IN THE HAMPTONS is book 2 in the Girlfriends of Gotham Series.

When you’re young, single, and naïve enough to believe that pleather is perfectly-acceptable business attire, New York City is one big playground. 

Natalie Pepper is savvy enough to know landing a job as marketing director at an up-and-coming Internet company was sheer luck. But when she falls for her handsome and charming co-worker, she’s not sure her luck will hold out, and losing the job will mean packing her bags and moving back in with Daddy. Not an attractive option. Thanks to her company’s “no fraternization” policy, the brainchild of her insane supervisor, Natalie must choose between the job and the man of her dreams. 

Natalie’s impetuous and spirited friend Lulu Rossi has no such choice to make. She knows exactly what she wants and isn’t afraid to go after it at three-hundred miles an hour. It’s just that sometimes the world doesn’t seem to be on the same page. Lulu falls in love hard and fast, and her newest boyfriend is just as smitten. It’s his mother, the less-than-friendly old-money definition of Upper East Side royalty, who needs convincing. 

In Highballs in the Hamptons, Natalie is forced to decide what is important to her for once and for all. 
Will it be love or her career? And Lulu must prove her worth to Andrew’s family—or make him see that the only person whose opinion really matters is his. 

Highballs in the Hamptons is the hilarious second book in Stewart’s Girlfriends of Gotham Series.

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The Girlfriends of Gotham are back in the third installment in the romantic comedy series that has been dubbed Sex and the City for a new generation! Join these hilarious friends for another adventure in Manhattan, filled with romance, cocktails and friendship. 

Tamara Hunt moved to NYC to leave her past behind and make a name for herself in Manhattan real estate. She’s kicking butt and taking names, until her past creeps up behind her—in the form of her tall, sexy horse-wrangling first love. When less enticing parts of her past start to infringe on the life she’s built, will Tamara be strong enough to stick to her guns? Or will she let her past overrun her future? Or might there be a way to have her cowboy and the city, too? 

Natalie Pepper is finally secure in her relationship with CJ, the man of her dreams. But his mentor—older, attractive Irene Halliday—can’t seem to leave them alone. She comes back to the city to tempt CJ in more ways than one. Natalie must learn if she is strong enough to let CJ forge his own future, even if it means making mistakes. In the meantime, she might make a few of her own. Will their love bridge the gap between them, or will CJ and Natalie decide to go their separate ways?

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