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Hello! I'm checking in today as things really begin to ramp up for my new series launch in January. The first book, which you've hopefully heard of by now, is launching January 16, and is called Love Rebuilt. It's the beginning of a new series called Kings Grove, and I'm really excited about it. In fact, I've actually shared an excerpt on the site, which you are welcome to go check out here!

As I prepare for the launch of a new book, there are lots of little things to line up, not the least of which is getting out some early copies to reviewers. This can be a little scary because as an artist, it's difficult to create something from my heart and then hold it up for the world to see (and judge), but that's part of the game. I think artists who sell their art have to be a tiny bit narcissistic maybe -- what else would drive us to take out a piece of our soul and be willing to show it around, knowing full well what a risk it is. After all, people might hate it. I know plenty of authors who swear they don't read reviews for this reason, or who recommend that new authors don't, for fear of damaging their egos to the point where they can't continue writing. And you know what? 

I think that's crap.

For one thing, if I didn't want reviews, I wouldn't publish. I do this knowing not everyone will love my work and not everyone will love me. That's the way this works. But more than that, here's why I read all my reviews:  because YOU wrote them. Yes, there is the odd occasional mean-spirited review where someone writes something terrible that hurts my feelings because (most likely) they themselves feel terrible and have hurt feelings. But most of the reviews, even those that are negative or lukewarm, represent two things that are very important to me. One, YOUR TIME. If you've left me a review, that means you've read the book I wrote. And whether you liked it or not, you wanted to let me know, and I appreciate that more than I can tell you. And two, your review is YOUR writing. If you're reading mine, the least I can do is return the favor. 

So as I march ahead, getting ready to introduce you to Kings Grove and the world of Maddie Turner and the dark and twisty hot Connor Charles, I do so knowing you might not like any of it. But I really hope you will. And even if you don't, I hope you'll leave a review because when you do, it means more to me than I can express. 

It's Kill or Be Killed...

Okay, no, it's not. Not really. But Lunchbox keeps running around the house yelling that. I don't know where he got that from. He's also been singing Journey lately, which normally I'd be down for, but he's got the words wrong and he WON'T FIX IT when I correct him. 

LB: Don't stop, BELIEVING... Just hang on to the ceilinggggg...

Me: No, buddy. It's "hang on to this feeling"

LB: Just hang on to the ceilinggggg....



So there's that. Also we began renovating a bathroom. And have gotten slightly distracted. This is our bathroom now. There's a tub and shower... and they work, so that's cool. And we put in the wood look tile I loved... I did that myself, yo. I'm quite handy that way. So it's all grouted now, and we have to do the less fun stuff like patch walls and paint. And caulk. Though I love to caulk. It lends itself to a lot of fun jokes (cuz, you know, it's pronounced "cock"... Yes, I'm twelve on the inside). 

Anyway, we'd hoped to have it done by the time my mother in law comes for Christmas. But she's not coming. So now... we may get this finished by Valentine's day or so. The kids are enjoying sharing our bathroom. It's quite jolly...

Do you think I should talk about books? I guess maybe...

SO. The followup to WITHOUT WORDS is coming out February. That's Amy and Trent's story and it's sweet and fun -- lots of San Diego goodness in there. And the third book in that series will follow in October. 

But wait, there's more! I have two new series coming out this year. I've been stockpiling books because I had been publishing traditionally for a little while there... but I write faster than the trad market can handle and there's  so much waiting. And writing what other people think should get written. So I have these books... 

And that's good for you! The (very tentative) plan, as of now, is to release the first book in a new series in January. That may drop like a turd into the market, since I'm kind of pushing things in terms of getting a good launch set up in time, etc. But I've never been one to think too much about doing things the exact right way. (This really explains quite a lot about my life.) So... stay tuned!

In the meantime, Happy Turkey to my US friends and happy totally normal day to those in other countries! 

What's Next?

I'm working with my editor from Entangled on the follow up to Without Words -- Amy and Trent's story. That book is actually done (ish-- we have revision still to do and several rounds of editing after that...) and I'm drafting the third book in the series, which I think might be my favorite. In book 2 we meet Amber, Amy's best friend... and this is a second-chance romance with a twist that is so much fun. I can't wait to share it with you!

In the meantime, I'm starting a co-writing project, and if the planning stages are any indication, this is going to be FUN. I can't share a whole lot, and there's so much to be worked out... But I tell you this so you'll know I'm hard at work, even if you don't hear about anything new for a while!

But actually, I do have something new. I've got a fun little duet set in my new home--southern Maryland--that I hope to release either late this year or very early next. Stay tuned for those! They'll bring a touch of movie-star madness to rural small-town Maryland, spinning a set of sisters and leaving them wondering what happened!

Release Month -- MR. BIG!

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Some early reader reviews are in:

Mr. Big is funny, emotional, and a whole lot sexy. Delancey Stewart provided romance, conflict, angst, friendship, and family [with] an entertaining cast of characters.”—Harlequin Junkie

"I loved their journey together, I smiled I cried and I even got mad. It's a great story of love, lies, forgiveness, loneliness, and family. I'd definitely recommend this book." -- Angel, Goodreads Reviewer

“Oliver and Holland are realistic and easy to sympathize with, and they have smoldering chemistry. This is a heartwarming story with interesting characters and a good plot line.”—Cocktails & Books

"This was my first book by Delancey Stewart and I can guarantee you that it will not be my last. Mr. Big was very well written and flowed very nicely. I loved the story of Holland and Oliver!" -- Heather, Goodreads Reviewer