New Adult is the Redheaded Stepchild of Publishing

Or it has been for a while. And now the category gets frequently miscategorized as "YA with sex." But it has the potential to be so much more than that! (and this isn't really accurate anyway...)

As an author who has just finished a two-book NA historical romance series with Carina, I'm incentivized to help broaden the definition of NA. It's a label -- and we've been told that labels are bad. But if my clothes weren't labeled, how would I find my size in the store? If the cereal wasn't labeled, who would ensure that my kiddos get their fill of oversugared and overprocessed frooty vittles in the mornings? Labels are helpful. They assist us in finding what we are looking for... and that's all NA is. It tells you that you've got a book with main characters between 18 and 26 or thereabouts... 

I'm the non-speculative ambassador over at NA Alley, and this is the topic of my most recent post... Check it out! (There's even a dog!)