What's Next?

I'm working with my editor from Entangled on the follow up to Without Words -- Amy and Trent's story. That book is actually done (ish-- we have revision still to do and several rounds of editing after that...) and I'm drafting the third book in the series, which I think might be my favorite. In book 2 we meet Amber, Amy's best friend... and this is a second-chance romance with a twist that is so much fun. I can't wait to share it with you!

In the meantime, I'm starting a co-writing project, and if the planning stages are any indication, this is going to be FUN. I can't share a whole lot, and there's so much to be worked out... But I tell you this so you'll know I'm hard at work, even if you don't hear about anything new for a while!

But actually, I do have something new. I've got a fun little duet set in my new home--southern Maryland--that I hope to release either late this year or very early next. Stay tuned for those! They'll bring a touch of movie-star madness to rural small-town Maryland, spinning a set of sisters and leaving them wondering what happened!