Men and Martinis

It’s 1998…and New York City just might not be prepared for the Girlfriends of Gotham... 

The first book about the loves, lives, and laughter of a group of friends finding their way in the city is a laugh-out-loud romantic comedy full of Men and Martinis!


Darkest secrets of the Bright Young Things…

In 1920s New York, uptown debutante Evie McKenzie can see that the world is changing. And while her parents may think she’s destined for a life of quiet conversation and polite society, she is determined to roar with the twenties - whatever the cost!

Wine Country Romance

Run away to wine country! Grab a glass and settle in for a romantic romp that will sate your thirst for wine and romance all in one fun read! Book One, A Rare Vintage, takes readers to California's Central Valley -- Paso Robles. Book Two, Redemption Red, will whisk you away to Oregon's Willamette Valley. Beyond Redemption goes back to Oregon, and the next book... well, it could be set just about anywhere! (But it will be Southern California and Mexico!) 

The Company

The world of professional ballet is built on illusion. The illusion of perfection. The illusion of effortless beauty. The illusion of eternal love.

But backstage, few members of the Union Ballet Company suffer from such illusions. 

Adagio is the first episode in the series The Company – an engaging drama-filled ride through the darker parts of the ballet and the lives of those who live to dance.