Things are Heating Up!

2016 was a quiet year for me... but not because I was taking a break. I was working on TWO great books for you, both releasing in 2017...and there are more planned after that! 

I've already introduced you to Mr. Big... And now it's time to talk about Without Words, which actually comes out first--in May. I can't show you the awesome cover yet, but I can tell you a little bit about it:

It's a story about a man who thinks he's lost everything--including his understanding of himself, and his place in the world. To say he's got a hard road ahead would be putting it mildly. He's an ex-firefighter, injured in the line of duty and struggling to make sense of a world that doesn't seem anything like the one he knew before... 

And it's a story about a bright and energetic girl with everything in front of her, a girl who shines like the sun and sees brilliance even in the darkest shadows. Her past isn't pretty, but the little wine and book shop she's about to open in San Diego's Ocean Beach will be everything she wants for her future. 

I can't tell you anything else yet... but here's a little teaser! If you want to make sure to hear when this one comes out, sign up for my newsletter in the bar at the right!

He's Here!

This cover has generated a lot of...discussion. 

It might not be subtle, but it is hot... Meet Mr. Big! Oliver Cody, CEO of Cody Tech and the hero of this sexy contemporary romance. 

Here's a little preview...

I couldn’t have told you why, besides the fact that my dick was acting like an attention-starved puppy suddenly, but I didn’t want her to go. I wanted her to stay, to talk to me. Even if it was just to continue telling me I was a jerk.

“Holland,” I called to her back.

She spun, her mouth a tight line as she prepared her next shot. “Yes, asshole?” Her head cocked to one side, spilling that glossy hair in waves over one shoulder, one breast. My dick hardened even more as I imagined that hair falling down around her face while she rode me.

“Have dinner with me.”

“Get a life,” she said, turning back around and picking up her things. She packed a laptop into a bag and then passed me one more time, her hips swinging as she purposefully ignored me and exited into the lobby.

Holland was the first thing I’d really wanted in as long as I could remember.

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Mr. Big is Coming!

I know...considering this book is a romance, that title might be a bit loaded. But it's the sexiest romance I've ever written, so maybe it fits!

Tomorrow is the cover reveal of my new book from Loveswept, Mr. Big. The book doesn't come out until this summer (August 29), but there'll be lots of fun and giveaways leading up to release day.

And that's not all...I have another book coming out in May! Stay tuned for news about that one, and for all the fun and games leading up to Mr. Big's arrival.

Until then, I'll leave you with this awesome quote from Sierra Simone (USA Today bestselling author of Priest and American Queen): “Mr. Big is the kind of smart, sexy delight that every woman deserves to read! [Delancey] Stewart will make you believe in true love in this steamy, heart-wrenching tale.”

I can't wait to share him with you!

Summers Here and I'm Giving Things Away!

I hope you are all visiting my author page on Facebook... What? You're not? Facebook isn't your thing, you say? (I don't buy it, by the way. I tell people all the time that I don't do social media and then it eats half my life...) 

ANYWAY, you should at least visit my page on Fridays...because I give stuff away! And we like stuff, right? For example, today I'm giving away the cutest little Moscow Mule copper shot mugs! I would keep them, but the hubs says I cannot. :( 

I'll make it easy for you. Visit the page here, and hit "like" to be sure you'll get a notice in your newsfeed next week! Although, I do post all kinds of other delightful things as well, natch.